MPA devices (scientific level) with accompanying software for skin bio-engineering and determination and monitoring of various physiological properties of the skin. The devices have an initially integrated Sebumeter SM 815 for measuring sebum-skin oil. The devices are modular and allow the connection of up to 10 additional probes for measuring various parameters (according to the needs of the user, except Cutomer). The device comes with “user friendly” software with which you can work with all probes at the same time. The software allows data processing according to various criteria as well as exporting an excel spreadsheet (all data is stored in a database).

Probes and parameters that can be measured are: Corneometer CM 825 (humidity), Sebumeter SM 815 (sebum), Mexameter MX 18 (erythema and melanin), TEWL TM 300 (transepidermal moisture loss), pH-Meter PH 905 (skin pH) , Cutometer MPA 580 (viscoelasticity of the skin), Thermo-Meter ST 500 (microcirculation-skin temperature), Glossymeter GL 200 (skin glow), Colorimeter CL 400 (skin color), Frictiometer FR 700 (skin friction). Possibility of connection and RHT 100 sensor for determining ambient temperature and relative humidity during measurement.

MPA devices with additional probes are ideal instruments for determining the effectiveness of cosmetic products, formulation research of dermocosmetic emulsions and monitoring their effects on physiological parameters of the skin

The MPA systems are operated with the new, sophisticated software MPA CTplus.

  • All future C+K probes will be compatible with this system.

Available models:

  • Multi Probe Adapter MPA 6: inbuilt Sebumeter ®  and possibility of connecting any probes (up to 5, except Cutometer ® ) with external power supply
  • Multi Probe Adapter MPA 10: inbuilt Sebumeter ®  and possibility of connecting any probes (up to 9, except Cutometer ® ) with external power supply
  • Cutometer ®  dual MPA 580: Measurement of the skin’s viscoelasticity by suction created by a vacuum pump inside the device. The Cutometer ®  features a built-in Sebumeter ®  and the possibility to connect up to 4 additional C+K-probes. The device is delivered with one Cutometer ®  probe (2 mm standard Ø opening), accessories and software. Optionally, a second additional Cutometer ®  probe can be connected and worked simultaneously.
  • MPA 2: connect any two probes (except Frictiometer or Cutometer ® ), no additional power supply needed, just connect it to the PC via USB



MPA 10

Cutometer® Dual



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