Advantages of the VisioFace® full face camera

  • The most interesting combination of hardware and software at an economical price.
  • Integrated high-resolution reflex camera (over 12 Megapixels).
  • Stable, long-lasting and very homogeneous facial light with 210 white LEDs, without developing heat.
  • Head and chin backrest with precise position for front and side image.
  • When not in use, the Visioface is lit by an attractive stand-by
  • The headrest and chin are easy to clean.
  • Easy connection to a computer with USB.

In addition to the interesting analysis of various parameters that can be reported in the photo, it is also possible to recommend preparations and treatments, immediately after the session.

Softver VisioFace® Basic

Enter your customer’s data, if you desire. The session report and images can be saved. If you do not want to save the data, just “jump” to the analyses. You can enter the customer’s data, if needed at any later point in time.

Take a frontal or lateral image of your customer.

Select the regions of interest for the analyses.

Automatically, pores (large and fine), spots, wrinkles, UV-pigmentation and skin tone evenness are marked, calculated and evaluated within seconds.

Let the software recommend cosmetic treatments and products automatically at the end of a session and generate a printout for the customer.

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