Ultrazvuk – REVIDERM cellJET

Innovative portable ultrasound cellJET is a professional handheld ultrasound equipped with revolutionary 10 MHz technology. It is used within facial treatment with programs for every skin problem in cosmetology, but also as a post-treatment after medical procedures as a device for resolving edema and hematomas.

How the cellJET from REVIDERM improves and refines your complexion:

• Targeted: Our 10 MHz ultrasound technology is particularly precise. Compared to other devices, it only penetrates 0.3 cm deep into your skin. It works exactly where aging processes take place.

• Sustainable: Ultrasound waves massage your tired tissue. This stimulates your skin to produce collagen and elastin. This visibly tightens your tissue. At the same time, ultrasound stimulates your skin’s natural protective functions and strengthens its resistance.

• Highly effective: The ultrasound changes the structure of your skin, makes it more permeable and optimally prepares it for your subsequent care: selected active ingredients penetrate deep into your skin layers and develop there – for excellent results.

Advantages of cellJet ultrasound:

• It is combined with other facial treatments in the center

• Integrated program to treat each skin indication

• Reduces the depth of wrinkles and improves the surface structure of the skin

• Produces soft, radiant skin and smooth skin texture

• the first ultrasound that can treat the area around the eyes and achieve visible lifting effects

• ultrasound with which, after 14 days of daily treatment for 12 minutes, it is possible to stimulate the natural production of moisture factors.

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