Skin Diagnostic SD 27

Quick & Easy Basic Skin Type Determination

Recommend all basic skin care products by analysing the two parameters determining the skin type:

  • Measure skin hydration. The display shows the results: very dry, dry or sufficiently hydrated skin.
  • Assess oil (sebum) content on skin and hair. The display shows the results: low oil, normal and oily.

Advantages of the SD 27

  • Ideal tool for all who want to do a quick skin analysis without using a computer.
  • Battery operated unitcan easily be moved around and transported. Ask for special transportation suitcases.
  • A unique button allows to set the current ambient temperature and takes it into account for the measurement, as temperature influences the moisture measurement very much. Thus, the SD 27 is an ideal tool for operation in all seasons and climate zones.
  • Your customer can easily understand themeasurement results directly interpreted on the device.
  • Each skin type is an individual combination of moisture and sebum. Many customers are not aware of the fact that even though their skin feels oily it can be very dry (dehydrated) at the same time.
  • Give out product recommendationfor skin and hair care products and treatments. We recommend to make “skin passports” in which you can fill in the results and the recommended products. Customer loyalty guaranteed!

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