Micro-Needling has been a secret weapon for treating aesthetic skin problems for more than a decade. The latest microneedling technology in which we perforate the skin with high-precision micro-fine needles, making small, dedicated perforations into the skin that activate regeneration processes. The needles in the innovative Precision Liner have a completely new, intelligent arrangement of needles in a single row of 10 needles whose depth can be adjusted depending on the challenge of the skin. This sequence ensures superior precision of penetration into all parts of the face, which makes the treatment surprisingly painless and minimally invasive.

Advanced technology for great results in the care of your skin. Experience more elastic and firmer skin with visibly reduced wrinkles thanks to the latest technology.

1. Immediate effect, it means significant improvement after only 1 treatment

• The skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother

• Skin has a full and radiant effect

• The complexion is more even

2. Long-lasting effect with curative application

• Structures and compactness of the epidermis

• Improving the water retention capacity of the subcutaneous tissue

• Recovery of structural damage

• Collagen fiber remodeling

Unlike other devices on the market, the Reviderm Skin Needler has a designed stop that allows one hundred percent control of the penetration depth of the work itself.

Advantages of Reviderm Skin Needler:

• Adjustable penetration depth

• Stopper that provides one hundred percent control of penetration depth

• Needles placed in a single row for superior precision

• Powerful engine

• The revolution in the world of microneedling is what best describes this device. A technique that confirms that it is often more or less the most powerful motor on the market in a microneedling device, 3 W ensures that with less needle depth we can compete with any competitor in the market.

• With more control, better precision Skin Needler is a device that will be with Skin Peeler that you will use in most indications on the skin.

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