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Microdermabrasion REVIDERM Skin Peeler is a basic step of any Reviderm treatment. With the help of the flow of aluminum oxide crystals, we gently and painlessly, in a controlled way, remove the upper layer of the skin, thus stimulating the growth of new cells.

The device has been upgraded with two ultrasounds of 3 and 10 MHz, which additionally work on drainage and facelift and further accelerate the penetration of active ingredients during treatment.

Skin care for immediately visible results. Healthy and beautiful skin in just a few steps.

• Purified complexion:
SkinPeeler gently removes oocyte cells in a controlled manner. During the treatment, microcrystals quickly stick to your skin and are sucked in by suction. The skin is relaxed and breathing again.

• Effective skin care:
After microdermabrasion, your skin is optimally prepared for the REVIDERM dercosmotheque: a high concentration of active ingredients penetrates deep into the skin. Stimulates tissue to produce collagen and elastin – stimulates the skin’s self-regeneration process.

• Proven success:
Immediately after the treatment, the skin is significantly firmer, smoother and finer. Wrinkles are softened – for a younger and fresher look.

Why choose Reviderm Skin Peeler for your center:

• a device that will be able to provide treatment on the most sensitive skin in a controlled way, because both the crystal flow and the vacuum can be individually adjusted

• three times purified aluminium crystals ensure safe microdermabrasion, 100% controlled

• The quality of the treatment due to the crystal flow ensures the same quality of treatment from start to finish • the number of clients returning to the center increases, and in this way the investment pays off quickly

• German quality devices without great maintenance needs

• the only device that has 10Mhz ultrasound – the first Ultrasound that works very shallowly, so it can also treat the area around the eyes with the effects of lifting the whole face

• REVIDERM Skin Peeler is the beginning of any professional skin treatment. He is the best choice for a sophisticated and innovative mechanical peel and a great ally to any professional who wants to offer his client the best.

• This device has won the award for the best microdermabrasion device for 9 years in a row, and the role it plays in each center will make it the first choice in facial skin treatment.

• Gentle, fast and effective way to remove dead skin cells after which the skin is visibly cleansed, smooth and refreshed, and the results are visible immediately. A wide range of applications is what makes it economical and the percentage of client returns will make this treatment the most wanted in your offer.

• For REVIDERM Skin Peeler it can be said: So simple, yet so special.

Podeli na društvene mreže